About tinyPHOTONS

Welcome to my photoblog, tinyPHOTONS. I am a professional astronomer and part-time photographer currently living in Chile. I've been serious about photography since I was 14, with a brief pause while I was a poor student before the digital revolution overcame the cost of film development and printing. Until recently, I was mostly shooting with consumer point-and-shoots, proving the shot is more in the composition than the equipment. However, I am now shooting with a Canon Digital Rebel (300D) SLR, which means I no longer have to borrow my wife's camera. We are both happier for it. I hope one day, in the not-too-distant future, to move up to a full-frame digital SLR, with lots of nice glass to go along. If you are a camera manufactuer and see a unique marketing opportunity here, I will glady accept sponsorship. I will also accept patrionage from any wealthy admirers.

The photographs here are copyrighted, all rights reserved, by Steven Margheim. If you would like to use my photographs for personal or commercial use, please feel free to contact me.